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Found 2 entries for ERS-1 SAR Image SAR Annotated Raw Data Product Level 0 (ER01_SAR_RAW_0P) that cover partially Golden Trout Creek
from 1996-01-23T00:00:00 to 1996-01-23T23:59:59
(0.201 sec)
The SAR Annotated Raw Data product consists of the SAR telemetry data corresponding to 16 seconds of data collection; it also contains all required auxiliary data necessary for data processing. It is primarily used for testing the ERS-1 SAR processors independently from the HDDR system and for users interested in full SAR data processing.
The download of products requires a EO Single Sign On username/password.
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acquired on 23 January 1996 from 06:01:56 to 06:01:13

Open Access
acquired on 23 January 1996 from 06:01:41 to 06:01:58

Open Access
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