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Found 2 entries for ENVISAT ASAR Image Mode source packets Level 0 (ASA_IM__0P) that cover partially Siirt
from 2012-02-13T00:00:00 to 2012-02-13T23:59:59
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The ASAR Image Mode source packets Level 0 data product offers Level 0 data for possible images processing on an other processing site. It includes some mandatory information for SAR processing. The Image Mode Level 0 product consists of time-ordered Annotated Instrument Source Packets (AISPs) collected while the instrument is in Image Mode. The echo samples contained in the AISPs are compressed to 4 bits/sample using Flexible Block Adaptive Quantisation (FBAQ). This is a high-rate, narrow swath mode so data is only acquired for partial orbit segments and may be from one of seven possible image swaths. The Level 0 product is produced systematically for all data acquired within this mode. This product provides a continuation of the ERS-SAR_RAW product.
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acquired on 13 February 2012 from 07:02:23 to 07:02:39

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acquired on 13 February 2012 from 07:02:08 to 07:02:24

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