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Found 2 entries for ENVISAT ASAR Image Mode Single Look Complex Image (ASA_IMS_1P) that cover partially Megata (0.134 sec)
The ASAR Image Mode Single Look Complex Image represents a single-look, complex, slant-range, digital image generated from Level 0 ASAR data collected when the instrument is in image mode. Seven possible swaths in HH or VV polarisation are available. The product is primarily intended for use in SAR quality assessment and calibration, and can be used to derive higher level products. The spatial coverage is about 100 km along track and 100 km across track, and the radiometric resolution is 1 look in azimuth, 1 look in range. The file size is 741 Mbytes. It is worth highlighting that Azimuth pixel spacing depends on Earth-Satellite relative velocity and actual PRF and slant range pixel spacing is given by ASAR sampling frequency (19.208 Mhz).
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